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TowerVision has a well defined infrastructure sharing strategy to support and to enhance infrastructure sharing in India, thereby allowing for expansion of wireless networks into rural areas and promoting better environmental utilization of resources in metro areas.

Greater demand for efficiency in site sharing is achieved via having an access to a large portfolio of sites.

Advantages of Infrastructure Sharing:

The Indian wireless operators are facing the need for a large-scale rollout capability of wireless infrastructures across the country, involving an investment of several billion dollars. Building such infrastructures with Independent Tower Companies as TowerVision, assures maximum sharing and  reduces significantly the costs of network expansions. The advantages to operators include:

  •   Reduces Capex requirements for network rollouts.
  •   Reduces Opex via infrastructure sharing.
  •    Decreases time to market.
  •    Develops a long term partner who shares financial and technical responsibilities.
  •    Increases public support via fewer unsightly towers on the landscape as a result of maximum multi tenancy. With wireless operators rapidly expanding their network coverage to allow for the unmatched subscriber growth, TowerVision is emerging as a leading independent owner and operator of shared wireless communications infrastructure in India.
  • We have a professional and committed workforce to stand up against the highest  challenges and to deliver projects with unmatched precision, timing, efficiency and after sales services.


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